Advertising & Kidnapping

Today I got an auto-parts store jingle stuck in my head.  It was a busy, fast paced day, and never was I near a television or radio.  Still, somehow I managed to get this awful tune stuck in my head. Was it an internet ad?  Or maybe I was in a public place where I subconsciously overheard it, then recorded it in my brain for random playback later.  Either way, the jingle is on repeat in mind, like a shitty song you can't delete or skip on your name brand mp3 player.

It's kinda scary sometimes how advertising can infiltrate your thoughts.  If only I were as clever as ZEVS, a french artist who once turned the tables on a big corporate ad in Berlin.  Being known for taking on big business ad campaigns, ZEVS cut out the female model of a huge billboard and sprayed "VISUAL KIDNAPPING -- PAY NOW!!!" across the top.  He then stole the image and proceeded to send ransom letters to the company, going as far as cutting off a finger to send along with his demands!  The ransom symbolized a price for corporations suffocating the public with constant, in-your-face advertising... or something like that!  Fucking brilliant!